Our plucky little friend “Wally the White Blood Cell” is going about his daily business of looking after the human body, when all his friends are captured by bad bacteria.

A bunch of nasty no gooders led by the boss of all bosses.

Can you help Wally rescue his friends by bashing the bacterial infection?

Could you be the saviour of the human host?

Can you score millions by defeating the thousands of bacteria?

Is it in your power to defeat the bacteria bosses?

Help ‘Wally the White Blood Cell’ to fight the bad bacteria
across multiple zones and a variety of different game modes!

Unique gameplay with minimal user interface and custom gesture-play to keep you immersed in Wally’s world in the middle of the action.

30 levels of mayhem with animated environments in arcade mode

Multiple survival modes – to keep the challenge alive, how long will you last?

Bash mode – only the best reflexes will last long enough to rise to champion status

20 achievements to strive for encompassing a variety of playing styles

9 leaderboards to prove your prowess and challenge your friends

Backwards compatible for older devices but includes HD/XL graphics for the latest devices!

Single universal app = one purchase means you can play on any device!

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